Open Source

The programming community has given me so much, I am eternally grateful. My blog posts and these libraries are an attempt at giving back.


Haskell Lambda Calculus
Docker-based λ-calculus interpreter written in Haskell.
haskell, stack, docker

Yesod Docker Image
Docker-based Haskell and Yesod web application development and production services.
yesod, haskell, docker

Reflex-FRP Docker Image
Docker-based Haskell Functional Reactive Programming client-side web development and production services.
reflex-frp, haskell, docker

Serverless Haskell
Code-defined infrastructure for serverless AWS Lambda-based Haskell backend web development.
haskell, aws lambda, docker


Configuration files for my development environment
emacs, neovim, tmux, docker, vagrant, gpg


Software products I’ve written myself.


Starter kit for containerized full-stack Haskell web applications.
haskell, hipaa, docker

Code-defined infrastructure automation toolset for deploying, scaling and maintaining HIPAA compliant software applications.
ansible, nixos, hipaa, docker, aws

Client Work

Notable client work I’ve done through my consulting company Civic Labs and with my previous employer, MediaSilo.


Clinical Trial Drug Dosage Calculator Web Application
hipaa, yesod, haskell, docker

International Pregnancy Exposure Registry of Women With Multiple Sclerosis
hipaa, yesod, haskell, docker


Global Digital Music Release Management and Sales Analytics Web Application
django, python, docker

NGO Institutional Capacity Assesment Web Application
django, python, docker


Web Portal for University Unity3D Molecular and Cellular Modeling Simulation
django, python, docker

Advanced Medical Screening and Clinical Trial Management Web Application
django, python, docker


BBC Motion Gallery
Web application used for digital asset discovery, organization and curation.
mediasilo, api, extjs, javascript

Cloud-based post-production digital asset management web application.
mediasilo, api, extjs, javascript